​Asbestos, Lead Paint, & Mold Removal/Abatement Services in Baltimore MD

Keep in mind that attempting to abate or remove asbestos without the proper equipment and procedures can cause you serious health effects. Here at Mason Dixon Services we take our asbestos abatement and encapsulation services seriously. If you have exposed asbestos ceiling tiles, drywall, plaster, insulation, flooring, siding or any other contaminated materials, it is important to call a certified professional such as ourselves to preform asbestos removal services as soon as possible.
asbestos abatement in a building

Health Risks/Hazards Caused By Asbestos

Prolonged exposure to asbestos can cause a wide array of heath hazards and diseases including but not limited to:

  • Mesothelioma
  • Asbestosis
  • Pleural Disease
  • Lung Cancer

If you would like to learn more about the heath risks caused by asbestos, view this link form the CDC's website.

Asbestos Testing, Detection, and Inspection

You could very well be exposed to asbestos, but have no idea about it. If you are not sure weather your building is contaminated or not, you we highly recommend calling an asbestos testing and inspection professional, or purchasing a testing kit like the one found here.

Asbestos Encapsulation

When preforming asbestos encapsulation services in Baltimore MD, our technicians will attempt to keep the asbestos containing fibers from being released by using a sealant.  This is often done on the last step of the asbestos removal process to keep the remaining asbestos sealed away. The applied encapsulate works by forming a membrane around the fibers so they won't get dispersed into the air.

Proper Asbestos Disposal Services

Our professionals are equipped with asbestos abatement suites, gloves, and masks to safely dispose of contaminated asbestos materials after it has been removed. We do this by using biohazard grade asbestos disposal bags and getting rid of the materials at a proper disposal site in Baltimore MD.

Asbestos Removal/Abatement Cost In Baltimore MD and Surrounding Areas

The cost to properly remove asbestos can range widely from $700-$30,000 based off of how bad the contamination is, and who you hire to preform the cleaning. Here at Mason Dixon Services we pride ourselves on being a certified asbestos abatement company in Baltimore MD with affordable prices. Give us a call today for a free estimate for removing asbestos from your property.

Lead Paint Inspection & Removal Services In Baltimore MD and Surrounding Areas

Lead paint can cause serious health issues if it is not handled, abated, and disposed of properly. Here at Mason Dixon Services we are experts at inspecting and abating lead paint and other hazardous materials. We take lead paint removal and the general handling of hazardous materials very seriously, to keep you, your loved ones, and home safe from potential harm.

What is Lead?

Lead is a base that is used in paint for some homes that were built before 1978. It has been found to have damaging health effects to humans and animals when ingested, and can have a significant impact on children even before they are born. Due to it's damaging health effects, it has been banned across the country and world, and you should hire a lead paint removal specialist to get rid of it as possible to avoid any potential harm.

Lead Paint Inspection and Testing In Baltimore MD

Before starting the work on your property we will use state of the art methods to determine just how bad the lead exposure is in your home and asses what needs to be done to remove the lead paint properly. The cost of a lead paint inspection and testing generally runs about $200 - $500. We have many years of experience inspecting lead paint in Baltimore Maryland properties and doing good quality work.

Lead Paint Abatement/Removal Cost In Maryland

The cost of lead paint abatement can vary based on many factors, but generally runs around $8 to $15 a square foot. For a whole building it run anywhere from $3,000-$45,000. Here is an article that can explain more about the cost of lead paint removal.

Asbestos Removal Technicians Working

Lead Paint Encapsulation In Baltimore MD

Lead paint encapsulation is the process of sealing the lead in so that it's fumes and other hazardous potential is contained. We often use this as a final step after we preform lead-based paint removal services. This helps to seal in any remains of the lead, and the encapsulate has a harsh taste so children and pets don't try to ingest it. Beyond just a finishing technique we also use lead encapsulation services to provide a cheaper alternative to full scale abatement. As long as the lead levels in your home is not super high this could be a cost effective method for solving the issue.

Lead Health Dangers and Hazards

If lead paint is tampered with or damaged it can leach into the atmosphere which could add up, and lead to poisoning. If you have children in your property they could be at an increased risk of getting effected by the lead.

Some of the health risks associated with lead poisoning include, but are not limited to:

  • Learning issues
  • Trouble focusing
  • Stunted growth
  • Trouble hearing
  • Forgetfulness
  • and more

If you would like to read more about the dangers of lead, check out this page on the EPA's website.

Lead Paint Laws In Maryland

Maryland law has very specific stipulations concerning lead paint. One of the rules suggest that rental property owners with properties built before 1978 will have to register with the Maryland Department of Environments (MDE) and follow some other specific guidelines including regular lead paint inspections. Please read this article for more information on the laws regarding lead paint in Maryland.

So if you have lead or asbestos exposure in your home, give us a call to today for lead paint abatement and asbestos removal services in Baltimore MD and surrounding areas!