Emergency Board up and Tarping Services in the Baltimore MD Area

If you're property is experiencing fire damage, or has any other issues that need imitate attention, call us 24/7 for emergency roof tarping and board up services in Baltimore MD and surrounding areas. Our professionals are trained to handle these types of situations, so it should be no issue for us to secure your home or commercial property.

What Can Board Ups and Emergency Tarping Be Used For?

In most cases we board up buildings that have recently been damaged in some way. We understand that in many instances these services are associated with an emergency situation, so we try to dispatch a team as soon as possible. After the emergency has been mitigated with a temporary roof for example, it is time to move onto actually boarding up your property. This will allow us to preform the whole restoration job from start to finish, and get your house back to normal again.

Here are some other situations in which you might need these services:


The type of containment services we use depends on how the flooding was caused and how it effected your property. Flooding can be caused by a large number of factors, including:

  • Burst pipes
  • Faulty plumbing and/or HVAC equipment
  • A leaky roof
  • and more

Our professionals will asses the damages and use the appropriate methods to handle the situation.


Unfortunately, vandals are a relatively common cause of property damage. They may damage your property in a variety of ways including: throwing rocks through the windows, or breaking doors down to gain entry. Board up services can help you keep your building secure while it is being repaired.

Fire Damage

Fires can be cause a wide variety of damage including broken windows and potentially holes in your roof. If your structure has been compromised it is important to hire a board up company like ourselves to protect your home from more damage during the restoration process.


Accidents happen all the time, and it is important to get your property secured to avoid future damages. This could include all kinds of things like:

  • A car crashing into your proerty
  • A soccer ball going through your window
  • and more

Storm Damage

Storms can cause all kinds of issues to properties. We are experienced in assessing these damages and acting quickly.

Hilton Head storm damage

Some of the projects we have been working on in Hilton Head #Disasterservices #Hurricanemathew #Southcarolina

Posted by Mason Dixon Services, LLC on Friday, October 14, 2016

If your property has experienced any sort of damage, you call us as soon as possible to secure and repair it.